Grab a chair...

get yerself a bottle of Rum, some cookies, and gather 'round. I'm about to tell ye how the POTOS came to be.

There was a sayin' that goes like this: "Get yerself an Atlantian friend, and follow them when things get ugly." This was the exception. Not even Atlantians could have known the evil approaching us.

Long before the land broke into islands, and the islands broke into countries, there was only Pangea, or as we pirate knew it:

ETH Island

ETH Island

The island was a paradise for those who needed it. Chaos ruled the seas, but as soon as you set foot on ETH, we had to behave. Peace was enforced by all races.

The heart of ETH was a giant solid crystal, I fell in love with ETH as soon as me eyes saw its heart glowing like shootn' star at mid'night.

ETH was thriving!

We had merchant ghosts,

elves bringing their goodies to trade,

n' the good, reliable crustacean mechanics,

We all got along,

even the occasional human crew visiting.

We all followed the code on the island,

no war on ETH land.

Those were the good ol' days.

Then,the fog came...

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