welcome aboard

'bout time ye wake up...

we must hurry, the fog is upon us.
but before ye get yer toes wet, there are some things ye need to understand...

Ye must get familiarized with tokens, blockchain, wallets, and some other terms ye might find strange at first

the very first thing ye are going to need, is a ship!
here, we call those

and ye are un luck matey! wallets are free

There are many wallets types..

a few trusted wallet makers...

.. but, also unfortunately..

many ways to loose yer wallet to the fog pirates

In order to keep yer wallet secured, every wallet-maker will give ye magical seeds

the seeds grant you complete access to your wallet. By placing them in a particular order, the wallet gives you CAPTAIN role, and you can do as you please on board.

these seeds, are only for you to hold. Share these with No one.

never share your seeds..


these seeds are just so your wallet knows you are, well...you!

If someone can place the seeds in the secret particular order, yer wallet gets confused and ye could loose all your crew to whomever holds yer seeds.