how the POTOS came to be, while educating yerself about the blockchain

Here is how the POTOS will move forward, as more captains add pirates to their wallets.

Invite the Scoundel bot to your server, with the right permissions, and some rum, he will help ye.

Head to the open seas

and start building yer crew, mate.

POTOS is a collection of 5,000 unique scoundrels navigating the open seas. Each trait was hand drawn by Markeetox. The POTOS life is all about community. The main goal of this collection is to educate people about the power of the blockchain. Part of the proceeds will go into programs to boost awareness of the amazing world of NFTs and an even greater part will go back to the pirates! Grow with us and get rewarded.

Know this:

POTOS pricing will increase by 0.005ETH every time a new batch is out!

Some traits are batch-exclusive.
Pirates will become rarer as more POTOS appear.

Pirate holders get commercial rights on the token combination :)