how the POTOS came to be, while educating yerself about the blockchain

Here is how the POTOS will move forward, as more captains add pirates to their wallets.

Invite the Scoundel bot to your server, with the right permissions, and some rum, he will help ye.

Head to the open seas

and start building yer crew, mate.

A collection of 5,000 unique scoundrels, navigating the open seas. The POTOS life is all about community.

The rarity of the tokens will be constantly changing, until we reach the 5k pirates. The early pirates will become the rarest ones, as each season has exclusive traits that will not be used on upcoming pirates.

Know this:

POTOS pricing will increase every time a new batch is out!

Some traits are batch-exclusive.
Pirates will become rarer as more POTOS appear.

Pirate holders get commercial rights on their token combination :)